The Henneberg Household
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Last updated - 07/01/2014
Hello, and welcome to the Henneberg Household.

This is the website of a slowly emerging War of the Roses re-enactment group, based presently in the North of North Yorkshire (or what used to be North Yorkshire and now includes what used to be known as Cleveland).

At this time we are gathering kit together in a steady yet haphazard manner.  So far our 'membership' is but few; make that 4:
  • The 'Count' of Henneberg - that's me
  • My trusted Standard Bearer
  • A Hussite Priest of uncertain 'virtue'
  • A Serf who wishes to knock heads
We are open to offers to become linked to an umbrella group such as the Wars of the Roses Federation or the Medieval Siege Society or as a sub-group to one of their households - I'm not that scary, really, more like scared (why else would I wear armour?).
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