The Henneberg Household
From the home page you will have seen mentioned the 'founding' four members.  I'll list these in order now - though so far there is only little me - with details and photo But, I'll get more done as and when details become available.  But for now it's...

The Count of Henneberg

Coming from what is now Germany, a township or state of Henneberg, is 'The Count'.  I'd guess the title isn't all that legitimate but it impresses the yokels.  Born as a younger son, with little reason to hope to inherit, The Count has been wandering Europe most of his life accompanied by his trusty standard bearer.  Also with a Czech priest who was forced from his homeland due to his Hussite beliefs.  Briefly with the Teutonic Knights in the Baltic, he picked up a slave who was later promoted to serf.  The Count has also had contact with a group of Lollards and picked up an English copy of the Bible; well, the four Gospels, and so is not entirely trusted by the established religious community.  I guess that makes us forerunners of the Reformation.  So where else to hide your religious beliefs than in the middle of a civil war?

Picture of The Count
The full harness to be completed in due course as money allows (I'll keep updating the photo).

This particular character was inspired by a statue.  A picture of this can be found in the Osprey Publishing book on the Teutonic Knights or, perhaps better, on Graham Turner'swebsite.  Well, actaully, it's not on Graham's website anymore - which I'd guess means that he's sold it...  Curses, ah well, perhaps I'll just have to commission him to paint me in a similar pose when I have the full harness.

Remember;  Some say, he has a silver tongue.  And that his heart is pure gold.  All we know is, he's called The Count.

Last updated - 21/02/2011