The Henneberg Household

Yes, events that we are going to.  ("Don't panic, don't panic, they don't like it up 'em...")

Tuesday 6th December:  Prior Pursglove Museum
Maybe a quick walk about the High Street before getting back to the museum for warmth, food and seeing what I can remember about armour.  I'll probably be cheating with thermals...

And have gone to:

Saturday 8th May:  Prior Pursglove Medieval Festival.
Transporting Guisborough back to medieval times.  Free fun for all the family, it says.  Oh my...  How did I get talked into this one?  Truly, truly I am short of kit.  Well, short of armour.  I must get a maille skirt done though, just to hide that embarassing codpiece...  It should also be the first time we put up our tent.  Hopefully this will be before the General Public are allowed in.

Last Updated - 04/12/2011