The Henneberg Household
The Henneberg Household came about because of an interest in re-enactment.  We'd been to the Festival of History quite a few times and thought it looked a lot of fun.  Our Priest had been involved, in his younger days, with another group and as his son also wanted to get involved in combat it seemed a good thing to do.
Previously, I had made a few shirts of butted maille, starting in aluminium then spring steel.  But it seemed rather heavy, especially the 6 in 1 maille which only a complete nut would wear (and even greater nut would make, especially with the weave in the wrong direction).  So I looked about for some plate instead.  This led me to the Englyshe Plate Armourie and William West of Destrier...
No, you're not getting to see me on a horse, but some would say that I obviously have more money than sense.  But no, I just have more money.  Or I HAD more money.  But I still have more money than sense.  Even if I was skint and up to my eyeballs in debt I'd still have more money than sense.
Update January 2014: Well, a lot has happened since then.  We are now, thanks to the 'Serf' - now 'Pretty' - in with the Crusade re-enactment group, to be specific "Order Nordmannis" and part of their C15 detachment.  Well, I am, and my banner bearer, plus 'Pretty' who is also getting some plate and can be "The Count's 'Champion'".  Yes, we were at History Live (Kelmarsh Hall) in 2013 where I got smacked about a bit without landing any hits in return (next year, just wait...).