The Henneberg Household
This page will list all the suppliers I have purchased kit off, or am in the process of buying from.  They are listed in date order of my first purchase.  All are very busy people with waiting lists of months if not years.  Enjoy.

Englyshe Plate Armourie
Historic Enterprises
St George Armoury
Tod's Stuff
The Padded Armour Company
Past Tents
Shoot and Scapa

If any of them should happen to visit this site, please accept my thanks (as you have my cash ;) ) for your time and effort in producing such wondrous articles.  The emphasis on the word 'articles' is very much the first three letters.  Let me know if any of the links don't work.

And a few other links which anyone who chances by this page will probably already have Bookmarked in their browser, but here goes:

Wars of the Roses Federation
Medieval Siege Society
English Heritage
Royal Armoury - Leeds